Why become a Meero partner photographer?

Meero allows you to concentrate on your field of expertise and facilitates the progress of your photoshoots by:

  • Finding customers and managing reservations: you receive photoshoot proposals that you can accept or refuse; you remain independent.
  • Retouching the photos: all you have to do is send the photos to us and we will take care of the rest.
  • Automatic Payments: you are paid twice a month automatically. You no longer have to worry about delays and unpaid bills.
  • Developing your portfolio and promoting your profile: you collaborate with diverse and varied clients while enriching and expanding your portfolio.

What equipment is required?

To be a Meero partner photographer, you must have proper equipment that meets customer expectations (camera, lens, sensors, etc. are all taken into account). We recommend having: 

  • A full-frame camera: focal ranges between 17 and 24mm (recommended for real estate photoshoots).
  • An APS-C lens: between 12 and 16mm. 

In general, image-altering lenses are not included in the list of lenses compatible with Meero services because they do not meet customer expectations.

Finally, the APS-C lens on a full-format camera should be avoided because it creates vignetting and this visual effect does not meet customer standards.

Who are Meero's partner photographers / videographers?

Meero’s partners are a diverse mix of people from all over the world who all share a creative passion.

How does Meero work for the Photographers?

On our platform you will be able to propose your services as a photographer to our array clients. When our clients have projects in your area that match your skills you will receive a shoot proposal. This will have all the information about the shoot such as the price, number of photos and the guidelines. You are always free to accept or reject these proposals, as you wish and depending on your availabilities.

To join our community of professional photographers and videographers around the world, you can sign up here and start the process.

How do I become a Meero Partner photographer?

Begin registering on the Meero platform by clicking on the "Sign up" button on the header. This will trigger a registration process to ensure that you meet the requirements of Meero's customers.

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