What is Payoneer? 

Payoneer is a global payment platform that Meero uses to pay photographers in most of the markets that we work in. Thousands of leading corporations such as AirBNB, Amazon, Google, and Upward use Payoneer to make mass payouts.

Why Payoneer and not any other payment methods? 

Payoneer is the superior payment solution compared to others such as bank transfers or Paypal. It is much faster and cheaper for everyone involved. There are no transaction / transfer / commission fees involved at all.

Unlike with other services we have used in the past, Meero covers all transaction fees involved. The only fees that you will need to pay is if you choose to receive money in a different form of currency from what Meero has payed you. If you choose the Mastercard payment method, an annual card fee applies. You can find full details of this on the Payoneer website. 

Where do I receive my money through Payoneer? 

When you sign up, you can choose between two payment methods:

  • Local bank transfers: you will receive your funds on the Payoneer account, and it will automatically be transferred to a local bank account of your choosing. The transfer is usually done within 2 business day. 
  • Payoneer Mastercard: It can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard as a form of payment (online, in store, withdraw cash…). The payments from Meero should be available within minutes. 

How to set up my Payoneer account ?

You can set up your Payoneer accounts through the Meero platform. 

1) Log into your Meero account

2) Go to the Invoice section

3) Click on one of the following options ("Create a Payoneer account" or "Associate a Payoneer account") It will allow you to directly create an account or connect an existing one. 

4) Once you have done this, you will be redirected to the Payoneer website and you will need to fill in all the details.  

5) Your account is pending approval upon bank details verification. 

It is really important that you create the Payoneer account through your Meero profile, and not via the Payoneer website. 

Why have I not gotten paid? 

You may have not gotten paid because there is a problem between Payoneer and your bank. Please check your email as Payoneer may have already contacted you about this delay or please contact Payoneer directly so they can further investigate. 

I created a Payoneer account but it still under review 

Payoneer starts a reviewing process from the moment you create your account. This is a standard procedure to ensure all the information is correctly set up. 

If after a week your account is still under review, please contact the Payoneer customer service for them to check on your status. 

The link for creating a Payoneer account in the Meero platform does not work

 In this case, please contact us on our live chat and one of our agents will be happy to help you

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