I've sent my practice run a long time ago! When will I receive feedback?

As the badge system is a new feature, we have received a lot of requests simultaneously. We are currently processing them, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.

I already did the practice run in the past and even shoots for Meero. Why should I do it again?

Before the badge system, the practice runs were done based on a specific project's requirements. As the badges are broader and have a different set of guidelines, it is necessary that you do the practice run if you wish to receive shoots for other projects.

I applied for a badge by mistake. How do I remove it from my list?

A badge cannot be removed from your list, but as there is no deadline or penalty for not submitting the practice run for a badge, it can be disregarded.

Do I need to take photos of my house/food or should I find a place like the houses/dishes shown on the pdf guidelines?

You can choose how you wish to do the practice run. It can be your own home or home cooking - the important thing is to follow the guidelines requests.

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