What is Meero?

A global player in audiovisual production, Meero is a platform that brings together independent professional photographers / videographers passionate about images around the world with clients, for the production of photo and video reports....

Orders are placed online on the dedicated website. Meero is in charge of image processing: Meero has its own artificial intelligence technology to retouch photos and reveal them in their best light. We have a multitude of clients in various fields of activity all over the world.

How does Meero work?

As soon as you become a Meero partner photographer, you can offer your services on the Meero platform. You will then receive by SMS and/or email proposals for reports close to your home and according to your availability, aimed at putting you in touch with the end customer. You can accept or not these reports and you can manage them from your Meero personal space. Thanks to its avant-garde technology, Meero then takes care of retouching the photos and delivering them according to the customer's expectations.

Why become a Meero partner photographer?

Meero allows you to concentrate your field of expertise, namely shooting: it facilitates the progress of your reports by ensuring :

  • The search for customers and the management of reservations: you receive proposals that you only have to validate / refuse, you remain independent.
  • The retouching of the photos: all you have to do is send them to us and we will take care of the rest.
  • Payment collection: you are paid twice a month automatically, you no longer have to worry about delays and unpaid bills.
  • The development of your portfolio and the promotion of your profile: you collaborate with diverse and varied clients while enriching and expanding your portfolio.

What is the equipment required to be a Meero partner photographer?

To be a Meero partner photographer, it is necessary that you have the equipment to meet customer expectations (camera, lens - the size of the sensor to be taken into account is the size of the camera ):

  • If you have a full frame: focal ranges between 17 and 24mm are recommended for real estate reports.
  • If you have an APS-C: between 12 and 16mm to have the equivalent 35mm.
  • In general, image-altering lenses, such as Fisheyes, are not included in the list of lenses compatible with Meero services because they do not meet customer expectations.
  • Finally, the APS-C lens on a full-format camera should be avoided because it creates vignetting and this visual effect does not meet customer standards.

How to become a Meero partner photographer? 

Start by registering on the Meero platform by clicking on the "Register" button of the header. Registration will then trigger a registration process to ensure that you meet the expectations of the platform's customers.

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