Is online payment secure?

Yes. Payments are made online, by bank card or SEPA transfer through our secure payment service provider, Stripe.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes. You can do this from your personal space, in "Invoicing" then "Means of payment". Please fill in an automatic means of payment in advance or at the same time. With monthly payment, you will be invoiced at the end of the month for all your photoshoots carried out during the preceding month.

What are the automatic means of payment? How can I set one up?

Whether you're a professional or private individual, you can set up two automatic means of payment: by bank card or SEPA direct debit. To add one, go into your personal Meero space, in "Invoicing" then "Means of payment": add one and select it to make it automatic.

When you make an order, the payment stage will no longer be displayed: you only have to confirm it and the payment will automatically be carried out via the selected means of payment.

Am I reimbursed if I modify a service which has already been paid for?

You can generally receive a credit note for the amount of the order for any modification, postponement or cancellation carried out on an order already paid up to 24 hours before the date the photoshoot should be carried out: please contact us for confirmation. For a reimbursement, please contact the financial service at

How can I get an invoice to justify my expenses?

Your invoices are automatically generated and at available at any time in your personal Meero space, in "Invoicing". At the beginning of every month, an invoice detailing all your orders for the previous month appears on this page and is also sent to you by e-mail. You can download this in PDF format and print it.

How do I know if the payment of my invoices has been confirmed?

Go into your personal Meero space, into "Invoicing". All the photoshoots ordered and delivered for the current month appear in a summary called "My on-going orders". At the beginning of every month, you will receive a final invoice detailing the on-going orders from the previous month (for example: at the beginning of the month of February, you will receive an invoicing detailing the on-going orders from the month of January). You can then check the status of each invoice:

  • “Pay" when payment has to be made
  • “Paid" when payment has been made

I've been invoiced twice: how can I get reimbursed?

Go into your personal Meero space, into "Invoicing", then contact our finance service by clicking on the "Contact" button at the bottom of this page. We will get back to you very quickly to offer you a solution.

What is a deposit?

A deposit corresponds to an order form and summarises all your order. It is generated automatically as soon as you confirm your order.

What is an "on-going" order?

An "on-going" order summarises the orders you have made during the current month. This allows you to check up while waiting for your invoices to be published.

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