I've already downloaded an album: can I download it again?

Yes, you can download an album which has already been downloaded. Be careful, however, not to select extra photos if you don't wish to be invoiced for them.

Can I request and download extra photos to the number initially defined?

For each photoshoot, we always deliver several extra photos according to the number of media foreseen: you can select them and download them from your personal Meero space, in "Albums". The latter will be invoiced to you and the fee is displayed in the "My selection" block.

Is it possible to apply my logo / watermark on all the photos by default?

Yes. To do this, you just have to send us your logo / watermark in png format with all the information necessary for applying it (size, position etc.).

Can a request a specific retouch?

Yes. Please contact our sales service and they will get back to you with a pricing chart. You will soon be able to access this service directly from our online platform and order various types of retouches.

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