Is it possible to create several members for the same agency-type account?

Yes, you can do this within your personal Meero space and attribute different rights to them: click on your avatar, then on "My agency".

How do I allow my various entities / employees to manage photoshoots? How do I attribute rights to them?

Go into your personal Meero space, click on your avatar, then on "My agency". Add one or several members and attribute the necessary rights to them. The colour code is there to help you remember which rights each member possesses:

  • Red - Agency: Right to manage the agency, allows management of all the members and rights
  • Green - Invoicing: Right of access to the agency's invoicing
  • Orange - Photoshoot: Right to manage all the agency's photoshoots

You have to have all 3 rights described above in order to have all the rights over an account.

By default, the first member created on the account has all the rights.

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