This section is most specifically dedicated to the on-the-spot contact or host: the person who will welcome the photographer and who will be present during the whole duration of the photoshoot.

What should I get ready for when the photographer comes?

So that the service is carried out in the best way and responds to your expectations, everything must be ready from the time the photographer arrives at the location so that he or she only has to take the photos. For example:

  • For property photoshoots: home-staging, setting the scene etc.
  • For restaurant photoshoots: pre-cooked dishes etc.

How can I contact the photographer of my photoshoot?

Once the photoshoot has been ordered, our linking algorithm offers it to Meero partner photographers, starting with the closest and the most likely to respond to your expectations (corresponding to his or her profile). As soon as a photographer accepts it, the person who had ordered the photoshoot will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with his or her contact details. They can then contact them regarding the photoshoot. If you are the host, you will receive the reminder e-mail with the contact details of the photograph the day before the photoshoot.

Can I carry out an on-the-spot pre-selection of the photos with the photographer?

On-the-spot selection would be premature. The photos must first go through the Meero post-production retouching process. You can then look at the final result on the Meero platform.

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