What should I do if the postal address of the photoshoot is not recognised?

If the address is not recognised by GoogleMaps, the mapping service we use on the platform, we would advise you to:

  • Find a full address (street number, road name, municipality and postcode) the closest to the location of your photoshoot and fill this in the dedicated field
  • Add a commentary at the bottom of the page in "Specific instructions for the assignment" in order to let us know the exact address: it is essential that you supply us with this so that the photographer can get to the location.

How do I make an order if my photoshoot does not correspond to any of the categories displayed on the platform?

If none of the categories correspond with your expectations, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

Why doesn't the platform confirm the date and / or the time of my photoshoot?

The platform will always offer you a date and time according to the scheduled working hours. Please select one of the suggestions displayed.

How do I know if my order has really been confirmed?

After having ticked the General Conditions of Sale and from the time you have confirmed your order, Meero will automatically send you an e-mail summary. A confirmation e-mail will be delivered to you when a photographer has been reserved (once he has accepted to carry out the photoshoot). Finally, a reminder e-mail is then automatically sent to you the day before the photoshoot: it confirms the photoshoot once again and supplies you with the photographer's contact details.

You can follow all your photoshoots, past and future, at any time in your personal Meero space.

My account has been blocked and I can no longer place an order: what should I do?

If your account is blocked, you can still go to your personal Meero space in order to look at and check your "Invoicing": check that you have paid invoice which should have been paid ("Pay", when the payment has to be made and "Paid" when the payment has been carried out). Please don't hesitate to contact the finance department for an up-date on your invoicing: click on the "Contact" button at the bottom of the page. If the problem is not down to invoicing, contact our customer service department and we will do everything we can to give you the necessary support.

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