How do I order a photoshoot?

Once your Meero account has been created, go to the Welcome page of your personal space to start the order and the reservation of your photoshoot. Fill in all the fields you are requested to complete:

  • Full address
  • Category / subject of the photoshoot
  • Access to the property: specify the person or host to be contacted there, the person who will welcome the photographer and will be present during the whole photoshoot.
  • Your client requests or specifications: the characteristics of the service you are expecting for the attention of the photographer. This might be your expectations regarding lighting, the format of the photos delivered (JPG, etc.).
  • Don't hesitate to supply specific details regarding the location of the photoshoot.

I want to order a photoshoot, but it's difficult to access the location of my photoshoot / there is a caretaker at the entrance: what should I do?

When you place your order, don't hesitate to give us all the information you can to be able to gain access to your property: fill in the various fields provided for this, indicating the contact details of the person on the spot or the host and then indicate any useful extra information in the "Further details about the appointment" field.

I want the photoshoot to follow precise client recommendations: how should I brief the photographer?

When you place your order, you can do this by filling in your client recommendations in the field provided for this, "Information regarding the photoshoot" at the bottom of the page. Fill in all the information which will allow the photograph to best respond to your expectations. If you wish to attach your client recommendations in PDF format, please contact us and we will deal with this immediately.

What is the difference between the Meero reference and the "internal reference"?

The Meero reference is made up of a # and 8 figures. This is a reference which Meero attributes automatically to your photoshoot as soon as the order is confirmed.

The internal reference is your own client reference: you can fill this in during the order. It is complementary information which might be useful for you. For some clients, this can be supplied by your own computer interface.

What is the minimum period for placing an order?

The minimum order period for so-called "standard" photoshoots is:

  • 24 working hours for photos
  • 48 working hours for a Virtual Visit (VR), but only in some countries
  • 48 working hours for video and / or drone, but only in some countries

Meero's working hours are from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (10 hours per day) every day except Sunday.

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