When do I have to deliver the photos?

We ask you to deliver the photos of your reports within a maximum of 12 hours so that we can deliver them to the client on time.

How to deliver the photos?

You can download them from your Meero personal space. To do this, go to "Upload", select the right report and upload/swipe the photos in the transfer area. We advise you not to close your browser until the transfer is complete. If necessary, you can leave a comment on the post-production on this page. Meero then has 12 hours to reprocess the photos in order to make them fully compliant with the customer's expectations and deliver them to him/her. Once delivered, the report is visible in "Albums".

How many photos do you want for delivery?

You will find in the customer requirements of the report the minimum number of photos expected by the customer.

However, in order to give customers more choice, you can choose, if you consider it relevant, to deliver up to 1/3 more photos.

How many DPIs are required in the photos delivered?

Usually in 300 DPI but we ask you to always check this information in the report's customer requirements in order to meet any specific requirements of the customer.

What is the desired format for the photos to be sent?

In general in RAW but please check the format in the customer requirements of each report in order to meet any specific requirements of the customer.

Are there any modifications requested in the photos before  sending them to the platform?

Generally no: please send us the files without renaming them, unless otherwise indicated by customer requirements, and without changing their size or format. In addition, we ask you not to put your name, brand or logo on the media.

What if the uploading of the photos fails on the Meero platform and if I can't complete the upload?

Please contact us and we will propose different options.

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