To start receiving report proposals, we invite you to read these articles: Report proposals. To see all the other possibilities of your personal space, you can consult the articles below!

How can I find all my reports?

All your reports can be viewed from your Meero personal space, according to 3 categories:

  • Reports proposals
  • Upcoming reports
  • Previous reports

Proposals are the reports that you can agree to do or decline. When you accept one, we send you a confirmation by email. If the report was assigned to you following your acceptance, it will appear in your future reports: these are all the reports you have committed to make. Finally, previous reports are the ones you have finalised. In the "Albums" section, you can also find the reports that have been delivered to customers.

What is the Meero portfolio used for?

Only Meero and you can consult this portfolio. You can publish your own photos to show us all your areas of expertise. This allows us to get to know you better and to offer you reports adapted to your profile and to the service expected by customers.

I have completed my account but my profile is still not 100%, how can I do ?

It will be necessary to check that you have correctly filled in your personal information, your billing data, etc. Otherwise, you may just be missing a picture on your profile: to add it, click on the initials representing your avatar and upload a picture.

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