Discover below the advanced features of your agenda. Feel free to use them for an even simpler and more efficient organisation of all your reports!

The different types of events

Different events are displayed in your Meero Agenda. You can differentiate them by their color code:

  • Blue: the  photo report proposals you receive
  • Green: the reports you have accepted. In the description of the report, you have: the subject, the type of service, the number of media requested, the contact details of the local contact, the client's recommendations, the information for accessing the property and finally the link to the report page.
  • Red: your unavailability
  • Orange: the events of an external agenda that you follow

The color code is displayed at the bottom of your Meero agenda.

Use your Meero agenda on your mobile phone

You can open the agenda on your mobile browser and:

  • Go from one day to the next by pressing their initials
  • Go from one week to another thanks to the "arrow" icons
  • Add unavailability by long pressing on the relevant slot

Manage photo report proposals directly from your Meero agenda 

When you receive photo report proposals, they are also displayed in your Meero agenda. You can view and accept or reject them directly from the agenda. All you have to do is click on a proposal and make your choice in the window that opens. This window also displays the events you already have on the same day, so you can make your choice easier. If you accept a report, it is added to the agenda and if you refuse it, it is deleted.

Configuring recurring unavailabilities

In order to facilitate the management of your time schedule, according to your different activities, you can configure unavailabilities that are repeated either daily or weekly. To do this, go to the "Manage my unavailabilities" view and click on an unavailability that already exists or create one. In the window that opens, click on the "Repeat" button:

Select the type of repetition: every day or every X weeks, replacing X by the number that suits you

Choose a deadline after which the recurrence stops

Validate so that events can be created and added to your agenda. Finally exit this view by clicking on "Back to agenda".

Delete an unavailability

Go to the "Manage my unavailability" view and click on an unavailability. A window will appear allowing you to remove the unavailability.

Follow an external agenda in your Meero agenda

You can follow an external agenda within your Meero agenda. This feature allows you to view all your events in one place: your other professional appointments (for your own customers or for other platforms) as well as your personal appointments. This improves the management of your proposals and reports.

The external agenda must support the.ics format, the main solutions on the market being compatible (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal...). To add it to your Meero agenda, click on the "Follow an external agenda" button and in the window that opens, enter its URL ics. The events in the external agenda then appear in orange. They are updated via the URL every 24 hours.

  • These events are considered unavailable and are called "Unavailability (agenda completed)": you will not receive proposals for reports on these slots.
  • If an external agenda event overlaps with a Meero agenda report or unavailability, it is not added.
  • Events in the external agenda cannot be deleted or modified from the Meero agenda..
  • If you have created an event in your external agenda that extends over several days, it will also be considered as an unavailability.

Finally, please note that you can only follow one external agenda at a time within your Meero agenda.

Find the URL of my external agenda

You can find the URL of your external agenda on:

  • Google Agenda : in "My Agendas", click on your agenda, then on "Settings and Sharing". In the page that opens, copy the address "Private address in iCal format" in the "Add agenda" section and paste it into your Meero agenda. More information here. More information here.   
  • Calendar / iCal (MacOs) :
  • First enable calendar sharing in your iCloud account ("System Preferences > iCloud > Calendars")
  • Then click on your new "iCloud" calendar. A window opens. Make sure that "Public Calendar" is checked, then copy the URL and paste it into your Meero Agenda. More information here. More information here.
  • Outlook : in Outlook, click on "Settings", then on "Calendar". Then click on "Publish calendar" and save the sharing permissions. Then copy the URL and paste it into your Meero calendar. More information here

Stop following the external agenda

You can do it :

  • Via an event in the agenda followed: click on it to see a window appear. Then click on "Stop following the associated agenda". All events in the external calendar are then deleted and the .ics URL is no longer followed.
  • Via the "Follow an external agenda" button: in the corresponding window, you will be informed that you are already following an agenda. All you have to do is delete / replace the URL to stop following the agenda: all its events are removed.

Share your Meero agenda with an external agenda

You can share your Meero agenda with an external application: Google Agenda, Mac Calendar, etc. From this external agenda, you can view the events in the Meero agenda but you cannot change them.

Click on the "Share" button and in the window that opens, retrieve the ics URL of the Meero agenda. Then add this URL to the application you want to use. You will then see the unavailabilities and reports scheduled from your Meero agenda. On the other hand, if there are events in an agenda other than Meero's 

( "Unavailability (agenda followed)" events), they are not shared.

Stop sharing your Meero agenda with an external agenda

You can, at any time, decide to stop this sharing. Click on the "Share" button and in the window that opens, click on the "Reset" button: the old ics URL is deleted and a new address is generated. The external agenda can no longer retrieve events from the Meero agenda.

Using the unavailable mode

The unavailable mode allows you to disable the sending of photo report proposals and notifications for a given period of time : you no longer receive any requests from our platform and you are not disturbed.

To activate this mode, click on the "Unavailable mode" button. A window appears : click on the swipe icon to activate the mode and enter an automatic re-activation date.

If you have one or more reports scheduled for this period, you remain committed to these reports, provided you have previously accepted them. The window warns you by displaying them just below. Meero and the customers therefore expect you to do so and you will continue to receive notifications regarding this (these) report(s).

If you absolutely have to cancel a report, go directly to the report page, consult this section if you need more information: Cancellation of reports.

Once the unavailable mode is activated, the days concerned are greyed out. An information message is displayed on your calendar and on the homepage of your personal space to remind you that the unavailable mode is active.

what is the sleeping mode ?

The sleeping mode identifies you as inactive: you no longer receive a report proposal. It applies if these 2 conditions are met:

  • You have not logged into your personal space in the last 2 months
  • You have received at least 3 proposals for reports over the last 2 months and you have not responded to any of these 3 proposals (positively or negatively)

If the sleeping mode applies to your account, you will be notified in advance by email. To leave it, simply connect to the platform again. You will receive again proposals for reports according to your availability and your area of action.

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