You have just created your Meero account and you are looking forward to starting our collaboration? We explain how our networking platform works! All you have to do is make the following small adjustments to start receiving  photo reports proposals. It will only take you a few minutes to complete them!

My account has just been created, what is my action area? How to complete it?

This is the geographical area you choose to cover for reporting. In order to optimise the relationship, the reporting proposals we send you are based on the action area you have filled in and your availability.

To define your action area, go to "My account" and then "Action area". Check that the address is recognised by Google. Your action area is then defined over a 150 km perimeter around it. You can modify it at any time according to, for example, your movements (travel, etc.): you will then receive reporting proposals in the new area you have chosen.

What is the point of completing and updating my Meero agenda regularly?

To manage and communicate your unavailabilities. We take into account the unavailability you have indicated in your agenda to provide you with reporting proposals on the slots that best suit you. The regular updating of your unavailability slots thus makes it possible to optimise the connection both for you and for customers.

Your agenda is available from your Meero personal space, in the header. If you need help with this or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm trying to configure when I'm available to receive shoots, but I can only find the option to set myself as unavailable. How do I do it?

For all the slots where you didn't set yourself as unavailable, you are considered available

I'm going abroad for a while; can I work with Meero from there?

Yes! You can change your working area. However, you should update your action area address from the moment you arrive at your new destination. To do this, go to "My account" and then "Action area". You will then receive photo reports proposals in the new area you have chosen.

I am on the move and my address has changed, how can I inform you so that I can receive reporting proposals accordingly ?

If you are on the move and do not wish to receive proposals, you can indicate your unavailability in your Meero agenda. You will find it in your Meero personal space, in the header.

If, on the other hand, you want to continue to receive reporting proposals that take this change of address into account, you can simply update your action area.

Also if you move, you can replace your old address with the new one in the action area. This can be found in "My account" and then in "Action area". You can also contact us to let us know about this change.

How am I alerted to photo report proposals around me?

We send you proposals by text message and email when customers request reports that correspond to your availability and area of action. You are free to accept or refuse, knowing that the first partner photographer who accepts the proposal is assigned the report. We therefore recommend you to respond as soon as possible if you are interested. To avoid receiving proposals when you are not available, we advise you to update your agenda regularly. Once the report is assigned to you, you will receive all the necessary information. You can enable / disable notifications from "My Account" / "My Preferences" at any time.

Can I refuse a photo report proposal?

As a partner, you can of course refuse a report proposal. However, once a proposal has been accepted, you must perform the service in accordance with the terms of your contract.

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